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The Six Laws of Lighting

1. Natural Light

Yes, plants, animals and people need natural light. But when sunlight is streaming through your windows, blinding you during dinner, you’ll want to be able to block it out. There’s a reason early humans lived in caves.

2. Floor and Table Lamps

There’s a place for overhead lighting, but in general it’s easier to control and change lighting with strategically placed floor lamps and table lamps. Move the lamps around from time to time — experiment with highlighting different parts of a room for a new look.

3. Fluorescent Lights

Just say no. Let’s not even discuss this any further.

4. Candles

It is a universal truth that every woman looks more beautiful in candlelight. Candles create a special, cozy and intimate feeling, whether they’re real or flameless.

5. Dimmers

These are absolutely your best friend. Any overhead lighting should have a dimmer. Period.

6. Outdoor Lights

With peaking interest in outdoor living spaces, outdoor lighting options have multiplied, which is great news for everyone. String lights are especially appealing. Avoid strong stadium-style lighting or safety lights, which aren’t appropriate for areas where you entertain.

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