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Summerize Your Home

Take a (Sunbrella) seat

A sofa upholstered with Sunbrella fabric is durable, weatherproof and versatile. Enjoy it indoors, adorned with neutral throw pillows, or move it outdoors onto a porch, deck or patio. Keep a large, open-weave basket of throws handy for snuggling on cool evenings.

A metal-framed coffee table with wood inlays is elegant and durable. On the table rests a basket, which we used during winter for Plush Pumpkins and greens, now filled with Japanese glass fishing floats, natural wood orbs and greenery. A galvanized metal lantern with tiny holes creates a festive pattern when lighted.

The rug, a flat found-materials weave resembling the potholders our grandmas used to make, is durable and in color evocative of water. The weathered sailboat sketch echoes the lake theme.




Cozy corners and found objects

An oversized, stuffed chaise lounge is big enough for an adult AND two children. Cozy up with a basket of books, reading lamp, coffee mug, soft throw and unique pillow. Sturdy upholstery means sandy feet and sticky fingers won’t do any damage.

Repurposing found objects is one of our favorite techniques. Old-time oars on a mantelpiece create another waterfront reference; when seasons change, put them away for next summer.

Hang a small chalkboard on the wall where you can use word art to set the tone. Or, select a pre-made seasonal message to bring out during a particular time of year.






Warm weather bedroom

How do you make a bedroom feel summery? Start with fabrics featuring light linen-like textures, which you can layer using neutral-colored bedspreads, pillow covers and throws. A raw iron bed frame brings to mind an antique summer home.

A vintage crate for shipping tea serves as a unique bed table. Place an off-white lamp and found-object vase with greenery on top for maximum effect.

When your home has been “summerized,” you’ll feel content and ready for warm temps. Bring on the sun!





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