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Simply Perfect Tranquility

Who doesn’t love summer? The world is bursting with color and bustling with activity. The sounds, smells and tastes engage our senses, whether we’re walking, golfing, grilling out, gardening, mowing the lawn or just sitting on the patio with a book.

But sometimes we need a break. And it’s important to have a refuge that’s calm and peaceful.

Remain neutral

We can create a visually serene and tranquil home with a judicious use of neutrals. But neutral doesn’t mean drab or boring.

In this master bedroom we used primarily grey and brown neutrals which present a warm and cohesive feeling.

Because the bed takes up much of the real estate in any bedroom, we give it special attention. The grey headboard, puffy bedding and piled-on pillows and throws are soft and inviting.


Texture adds depth

Within a sea of calming tones, texture become more noticeable. As long as your colors remain neutral, you can mix and match textures freely.

The throw pillows bring together a variety of fabrics and textures, from smooth cotton to a rougher linen to several thickly woven, highly textured pieces. The throw, in a rich grey knitted weave, carries the strong texture across the bed.

Texture creates depth, character and interest. Its shadows are soft so they don’t interrupt the peacefulness of the room. It’s these textures that keep neutrals from being boring.



Texture adds interest

The glazed, grey- stained, carved wood dressers are absolute standouts. Here’s where texture really shines, with the detail drawing in our eyes and attention. In this room we’ve used these dressers as nightstands because along with being stunningly beautiful, they’re incredibly versatile.

On top of the dressers we’ve placed equally wonderful lamps. They feature a distinctive, rectangular linen shade with a ceramic, highly textured rectangular base. It looks almost as though the ceramic was raked, leaving a rough surface that just begs to be touched.



Texture adds richness

We’ve put one of our favorite chairs in this bedroom because it carries forward our themes of neutrals with special textures.

The rich, grey velour fabric on the seat is complemented by exposed nailheads and a brownish menswear-like tweed on the back of the chair. The contrast in textures—the soft velour next to the toothy tweed—draws our attention.

A small, hammered metal table next to the chair adds yet another finish and texture to the space.


Texture two ways

In the guest bedroom we’ve used very different texture combinations. On the wrought-iron, vintage-style bed, we’ve again placed pillows with various satisfying textures. A loose-weave grey blanket provides a contrast to the linen bedcover.

On the nightstand, we find a cluster of differently- textured, spherical shapes echoing one another. There’s an antique-style magnifying glass and a lamp with a round, marble base. Rounding out (pun intended) the trio is a rounded vase with a beautifully textured finish and greenery that curls every which way, extending the rounded shape outwards.



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