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Simply Perfect Tabletops

Fall is our favorite time of year because of the riotous colors…the coziness of a throw and a cup of tea…the sounds of leaves crunching underfoot…the fire crackling in the fire pit…and the opportunities to continue traditions by surrounding ourselves with friends and family.

We create beautiful tables to celebrate our times together, but not to overshadow those times. It’s also important to avoid overdoing things so as to keep stress levels low.

In the end, that’s what’s important: being with the people we love, cherishing those moments together and creating memories.

We’ve put together three tabletops to demonstrate ways to use items you own, in combination with new pieces, to create a unique setting for your meal.

Contrasting and Complementing

An existing hammered-metal-topped table can be transformed from casual to classic through color, texture and tone. Cane-backed, creamy linen chairs with a grey wash complement the shiny silver table.

Bronze ceramic chargers and taupe-grey ceramic plates bring additional colors and textures to the harmony of silvers and grey. Hammered silverware picks up the light, echoing the table surface, while seeded glass tumblers add a similar effect.

Our favorite Plush Pumpkins, shown here in Platinum, Smokey Topaz and Teal, feature real pumpkin stems and work to create a vibrant palette as a centerpiece. Add vines to soften the look. These beauties are easy to move around and place in different areas. With more than a dozen intense colors available, they’re incredibly versatile.

Above this tabletop hangs a drum-shaped chandelier. This exquisite piece features a more casual metal gridding with solid glass beads threaded through each opening, for a stunning effect. Again, we’ve got the contrast of the shiny glass against the weathered wood cabinet behind the table.

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