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Simply Perfect Hosting

What’s better than having a guest room? Two guest rooms, of course!

Providing two guest rooms makes it much easier for friends and family—who often travel in pairs or groups—to visit.

In this historic home remodel, we created a guest suite that includes two bedrooms and a bath. And to be honest, we envy the visitors who have the opportunity to stay there!

Mixed doubles

The bedrooms in this project were small, as is often the case with historic homes. The design challenge was to unify the two guest rooms, so they looked similar but not identical, and to integrate the bath.

In both rooms, we began with one of our favorites, a black iron-framed bed. It’s classic, comfortable and compact. Plus, metal creates a beautiful contrast with wood, which is abundant in this home.

5U9A8574 5U9A8428

The bedding in both rooms is also the same, featuring a distinctive, white-on-white pattern and texture. And throw pillows in complementary colors, textures and patterns are heaped on both beds for that welcoming feeling.

5U9A8512 5U9A8548

Sisters, but not twins

One of the bedrooms features a dramatic framed work of art which is made from mitered pieces of wood.


The texture and pattern of the artwork add interest and echo the wood found throughout the room, including the wooden desk and chair arms. The thin black wood in the art picks up the black metal lines of the bed frame, chair frame and desk frame. Hold that thought, because we’ll see more of this black metal coming up.

On both sides of the bed are nightstands with matching lamps that are modern and angular. One of the nightstands holds a pair of stylized ceramic pitchers with a crackled white finish and a matte base.

5U9A8387 5U9A8280

The other lamp—on the desk—is a true task light, combining a classic antique brass design with a modern twist. It’s a combination we find throughout much of this home.

A small chair, which you’ll see in both rooms, features a grey pin-stripe upholstery. The elegant area rug brings together the browns, taupes and greys that we’ve used as our neutral palette.


The second room is similar in many ways, but it differs enough to make each room unique. The bedside lighting is a stunning, brass antique electric cylinder style with a special Edison bulb inside.


The artwork above the bed features an elaborate paper cut-out, like paper dolls we made eons ago, raised above the canvas. The resulting depth and shadow adds interest and will remind us of something we’ll see shortly in the bath.

5U9A8488 5U9A8506

In the second bedroom, we also find a large basket with brown and white stripes to match the bedding and wood. Another area rug that marries the neutrals throughout the room is underfoot.

It all comes together

We’re very fond of this bathroom because it not only unites vintage and modern, but it brings together all the elements in both of the bedrooms.

The double antique-style mirrors are adjustable, while the vanity and sinks are clearly modern, again creating the contrast and echoing the brown and white.

By now you’ve noticed that the black metal of the mirrors and faucets matches the narrow black elements we just saw in both bedrooms.
The brass and glass sconces in the bath bring to mind the unique lamps in both bedrooms. Finally, the beautifully- patterned tile reflects the artwork above the bed in the second bedroom.

We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this fabulous remodel. And we’d love to work with you, too. Stop in, visit and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.




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