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Simply Perfect Color {Part 2}

An Abundance of Color

Traditionally, autumn is about abundance. So while we often talk about clean lines and simple spaces, this is when we can break the rules with clusters of color.

Each year, the beauty of the season’s colors are astonishing. Fall colors go beyond orange, red and yellow to include fine bronze, eggplant plum, green, cocoa brown and deep sea blue-green.

Group dried floral arrangements and decorative pieces of like colors together to make a statement.

Vases in matching or contrasting colors can amplify the impact. The blue and white “ginger jar” vases are fresh and distinctive year round.

Our elegant and affordable velvet pumpkins feature actual pumpkin stems and come in a variety of sizes and fabulous jewel tones. Create clusters of one color or mix and match for a bouquet of richness. Use simple springs now and then for added elegance.

Use decorative pumpkins and acorns made of ceramic, velvet, burnished glass, rattan and other materials to create the feeling of autumn indoors. Mix in neutrals such as off-white to give colors a point of contrast.

A shaggy rug in red, orange, camel and brown features a diamond pattern and scruffy edges for a more personal touch.- (1 of 1)-7- (1 of 1)-5

- (1 of 3) - (1 of 1) - (1 of 1)-6

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