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Order and Simplicity

Order and simplicity are the foundation of beauty.

However, it’s said that disorder is the sign of a creative mind, and when we’re in the middle of creating, order and simplicity are the last thing on our minds.

This dichotomy creates an interesting tension. But I believe there’s room in the world – and a time and a place – for these opposing truths to co-exist.

Start Fresh in Spring

Whether you engage in Spring Cleaning or avoid it like the plague, the principles are sound.
And it’s not just about deep cleaning. It’s about discarding things you don’t need. Things you don’t use. Things that give you no pleasure.
This is easy for some people and pure torture for others. But believe me, it’s worth it. Nobody looks back 10 years later and regrets getting rid of clutter.
Recently we helped a family remodel an older home. They wanted to stay in their established neighborhood instead of moving, but needed an update. Remodeling time is a little like spring – you have to pare down your belongings.
In a smaller home like theirs, extra items create clutter. Take a look at the beauty of simplicity and how it was achieved.


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