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Newly Renovated Floral Studio

It’s National Floral Design Day and did you know that Simply Perfect has designers on the floor ready to make custom arrangements for you? Now it’s easier than ever to work hand-in-hand with a florist in our newly renovated floral studio.

Sit across from a florist as they discover your style and what arrangement fits your home best! The studio is now more open and customer friendly with a large shutter window and dutch door.

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Meet the ladies behind the studio. Lynn and Lisa are not only floral designers but interior designers as well! If you have any concerns whether an arrangement will fit perfectly in your home, just show Lynn and Lisa a photo of your space and let the magic begin.

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Meet Lisa, an interior and floral designer, Lisa loves what she does. “I like going into people’s homes and making them even more fabulous,” she says. When she’s not making things funky and fabulous, Lisa enjoys music of all kinds – pop, indie, alternative and country – and spends time with her kids, dog and husband.


Meet Lynn, she says shes a trained designer. But we think Lynnes part magician. She says, I do a lot of listening to clients. Then I try to help them think of something they hadnt thought of it still has to be beautiful and functional in a way they didn’t picture before.We, and our clients, call that magic.


The entire studio is full from top to bottom with anything you could ever want in an arrangement.  If you look at the back wall you will see stacks of vases in any shape and size. Along the adjacent wall there are even more to choose from with the largest vases being stored underneath the worktables.

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After picking your favorite vase, head over to the wall of flowers. We are very proud of our silk flower selection and their quality. Every season we bring in flowers according to trends and time of year. With spring just around the corner, we have bright, springy arrangements being made daily.

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Take a peek at a few of our favorite accessories in the studio. We have black tiling and a farmhouse sink, two beautiful iron chandeliers, and much more. Browse and look. Inspire and create.

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