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Laundry Day

Most people dread it. The sorting, the washing, the folding, and–worst of all–putting it away. However, we might have the remedy to the laundry day blues.

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You probably love their candle collection, but did you know that Tyler Candle Co. makes a laundry detergent?

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That’s right. These three, top-selling scents are available in a specially formulated laundry detergent. The scent lasts for days. The big jug is great for your everyday washing. However, we also love washing jean jackets, sheets, or draperies in this detergent as a special treat in order to keep that aroma around as long as we can–and all you would need is a smaller one for that!

And if you need a little help in the laundry room, the Laundry: Tips and Tricks book can be a life saver.

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Stop dreading laundry day and start loving it!

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