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Fall Window Displays

There is something so unique about this time of the year. Outside, it’s hot and sunny but inside, boxes of cuddly sweaters and cozy jackets start showing up in our shipping department. Fall is near!

When it’s 100* and humid, it’s hard to imagine that sweater weather will ever come. Each year, the leaves change, snow falls, and the warm weather is just a distant memory. Our window displays experience changes with a season as well. A display that was once fresh in May now looks tired and out-of-season in August. It’s time to take out summer accessories and start again.

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We trade in crisp, black end tables for a pair of warmer coffee tables as our building blocks. We swap out bright colors and luscious greens for subdued earth tones like rust, taupe, and forest green, evident primarily in the stacks of vintage books that give off that nostalgic back-to-school vibe.

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There’s now a void to be filled. Our cool, airy summer tops were traded out for layers of fall clothing. This change-up allows us to wind down our summer shenanigans and drift slowly into fall fashion. The same way spring brings fresh blooms and new life, autumn allows us to cleanse ourselves of toxins that have manifested throughout the year. Take a minute this month to refresh your wardrobe and refresh your daily life. Purge items that don’t make you feel great. Rearrange your schedule to make time for yourself. Remember the things you love to do and do them. Treat this fall as a second spring.

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