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Brand Feature | ARATTA


Launched in Los Angeles during the year of 2004, Susanna Karapetyan had a unique destination for her fashion label and an edgy perspective on how to get there. ARATTA is known for its use of embellishment, embroidered detail and merging print. While uniting plaid with velvet, sequin with floral and vintage with contemporary, the brand captures a characterizable feminine essence. From relaxed, Californian street style to runway-ready, ARATTA makes a statement regardless of the occasion

With the brand’s ability to twist bold with brave, design dominance and pattern with prowess, ARATTA has an influential presence in Simply Perfect Fashion. Such unity creates a harmonious collection of the distinct avenues the brand caters towards. Karapetyan’s one-of-a-kind vision has produced equally-stunning pieces that embody the importance of bravery, confidence, and fearlessness in fashion.





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