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Top Three Uses For Lighting

Kitchen Light_2594

1.Lighting As Functional Art

A metal circular chandelier suggest a globe with elegant, inviting shapes. Uncovered light bulbs complement the bare-bones lighting structure to provide a dramatic work of art above a dining room, for instance. A dimmer can let you adjust the level of light depending on time of day and occasion.

A unique pendulum lamp resembles a work of sculpture, with its structure and function revealed. Use it to highlight artwork, light your reading room or as a point of interest in any room.

Master Bedroom Light_2760

2. Lighting For Comfort

In a master bedroom, a traditional side table lamp features a pleated fabric shade, contrasting with the metal base. The diffused light is warm, softening the textures of items nearby, such as bedding and artwork.

A hammered, antique gold guest room lamp with a smooth linen shade and heavy base rests on a side table. It’s not necessary to have two nightstand lamps. After all, your home is not a cookie-cutter hotel – it reflects your unique style.

Let the lamp highlight the artwork and flowers on the table, where it creates soft shadows and a cozy feeling. The lightly illuminated pillows and bedding seem welcoming and comfortable, which is how we want guests to feel.

Stove Hood Light_2824

3. Lighting For Utility

Puck lighting inside the entertainment center- bookcase offers the gentle light you need, without glare or disturbances. This is an easy and inexpensive lighting solution that can be used in any room.

These tiny lights also bring attention to items within the bookcase, playing off the surfaces of metal, glass and greens to create interesting and dramatic textures.

In your kitchen, consider under-cabinet lighting. Not only is it helpful in providing the light you need while preparing food, but it’s again softer and more inviting than glaring overhead lighting.

As I always say, your home reflects not just your taste, but your character. Make sure your home’s lighting lets your own light shine.

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