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The Breadico Bike

I had to do a double take when I saw what I saw. “Was that a cooler full of delicious sandwiches and baked goods attached to the back of an adorable bicycle?” I thought to myself.

It was. Our friends over at Breadico have brought something totally unique (yet again) to Downtown Sioux Falls. The Breadico Bike, and its rider, Rain, have been operating for about a week and we are totally on board with this concept. People will soon be flocking to find her as she rides around DTSF, we just know it. As soon as we spotted her on our boardwalk at 8th and RR, we ran down to grab a few photos to help get the word out.

Bike (11 of 14) Bike (1 of 14)

Bike (4 of 14) Bike (14 of 14) Bike (9 of 14)


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