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Taking the Indoors Out

We see more and more homeowners creating outdoor living spaces. It’s a trend nationally, as well, so there’s been a huge increase in furniture and furnishings appropriate for outdoor use.

From sofas to kitchens, your outdoor room can be as functional and attractive as an indoor room. Think about including:

• Outdoor Rug

Rugs suitable for outdoor use have changed dramatically over the last few years. Today’s rugs are durable, fade-proof and fast-drying without sacrificing color and texture.

• Outdoor Candles

Candles designed for outdoor use stay lit, won’t melt in the sun, won’t fall apart in the rain, and add terrific ambiance. The concrete container looks rustic and can be used as a planter after the candle has burned down. These are available in a variety of sizes, and one option includes citronella for repelling insects, as well.

• Throws

Beautiful throws are decorative and functional. No matter how warm the day, it’ll cool down eventually, and you’ll want to feel warm and cozy.

• Fire Jar

In some spaces, a fire pit isn’t safe. But people love to gather around fire. Use a glass enclosed fire pit for safety and a delightful new look. The fire reflects off the glass, creating an appearance of dancing light. Slip in a cartridge and fire it up.

• Outdoor Lamp

Until a few years ago, an outdoor table lamp didn’t exist. It’s heavily weighted and completely protected so it won’t be damaged by rain. A small shield covers the light bulb for added safety, while the canvas shade is tough and designed to withstand the elements.

• Flowers

From large white statement flowers to bring-in-the-spring tulips, flowers brighten up every area. Even outdoors, consider using real-looking artificial flowers in areas where fresh flowers are difficult to maintain.

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