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Summerizing Your Bedroom

Few people are thinking about interior design during summer. We’re traveling, boating, swimming, biking, having barbeques, watching baseball—everything is outdoors.
But we always come home. And whether you have a vacation home or not, you want your home to be your special retreat, whatever the season.

A beautiful bedroom

When you need to relax, center and pamper yourself, nothing beats a fabulous bedroom. It’s private by definition.

Making a few seasonal changes to your bedroom can give it a completely different feeling. An iron bed with clean lines can be dressed up or down, as you choose. A taupe duvet with spectacular, all-over ruching transforms the room into a summery, airy room.

The lightweight, neutral-colored duvet creates a light, airy feeling, while providing the soft, comfortable and comforting aesthetic we want in the bedroom. Use a knitted style off-white throw for a contrasting texture and snuggle factor. Throw pillows in various textures in neutral creams and taupes add interest, functionality and even more lightness to the bed.

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Add the blues

Above the bed hangs a watercolor in neutral and relaxing blue tones. It creates a watery, summery and serene feeling throughout the room.

The rug is one of our favorites—blue and white with a worn, distressed vibe—and it reminds us of water and sky, just like the painting.

A vintage, blue velvet chair nestled in the corner picks up the blues in the rug and artwork. Lighter surroundings keep the fabric fresh for summer. An antique-styled black and brass reading lamp sits next to the chair.

5U9A3004  5U9A2937

Out of the woods

The table next to the reading lamp is made from a slice of a tree, showing its natural ring pattern. In the middle, where the wood might have been hollowed out, the craftsmen have poured antique brass. The surface sits atop three twisted antique brass legs, almost as though it were balancing.

It’s a truly remarkable table that you can keep to yourself in your special bedroom retreat or use in a more public area of your home where it can be admired by guests.

A standout sculpture, made entirely of wood pieces, is six feet in height and sits on a solid base. The smooth driftwood-like texture and undulating, haphazard forms complement the serenity of the space.

These two unique wood pieces add warmth and brings the world of nature to life inside your home.

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