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Styles for Light-Hearted Layering

We are continuing our series of unique styles from some of us at Simply Perfect so you can find a gift for everyone on your list. Catch up and read about the first style here.

We are taking a 180 turn from the Miss Simplicity blog (read it here) to introduce the second personal style of the layering queens. Meet Hailey and Megan, the Layer Lovers, who layer up and look more fabulous with each piece!



When Megan puts together an outfit, she looks for patterns, solids and enjoys mixing up her style with both old and new. The base layer for this outfit is a graphic T-shirt with its cherished-retro character. Layer number two is a statement-making black velvet Natural Life jumpsuit with a stripe along the sides of the legs.
Next Megan chose a flannel, which adds another layer of texture and pattern. Finally, Megan rocks a burgundy 100% leather jacket (which is on the top of Megan’s Christmas list, and everyone else’s, as well).
Each layer adds more interest to the outfit and breaks up the large color-blocking that would happen if she wore only the jumpsuit and jacket. Additional textures, colors and patterns create a cozy, light-hearted look.
To finish the look, Megan selected hand warmers for an urban vibe and Bed|Stu booties that make oversized pants look WAY cool.





Definition of layering: When Hailey puts together an amazing look from the shop and creates a masterpiece that will forever be your favorite outfit.

We suspect that if Hailey had to pick between burritos or layering beautiful clothing, she would pick the latter. Her go-to style every day is one infused with pattern and color. 

Like Megan, Hailey started with a graphic T-shirts. She loves to wear graphic t-shirts under a variety of her outfits because it adds interest by peeking out by the neck or under a crop top. 

Next, Hailey layered on a purple tunic, which features a great neckline with its oversized buttons. The rich texture of the ribbing and the tunic’s deep color serve to bring together the T-shirt and her third layer—a colorful, richly patterned jacket. Here’s where Hailey’s personality really shines. Combining colors and patterns creates the vibe Hailey likes most.  

Watch for upcoming styles, shop our website and stop in to find great gifts for all your loved ones.

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