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Spring Cleaning {Day 3}

Once you have finished deep cleaning the other areas of your home (part 2 of spring cleaning series), we suggest finishing off by cleaning the aesthetic parts of your home. This will refresh the look of your home and make it ready for spring.

BEDDING — First, we highly suggest washing your pillowcases and sheets every two weeks in our favorite Tyler Wash or Laundress wash. When it comes to spring cleaning be sure to send off your down comforter to the dry cleaners (this to should be done 2 times a year). Throws and other comforters should be washed, laid flat to dry or line dried (please read manufacturer’s label before proceeding).

BOOKSHELF — Again, this can be a good time to get rid of extra books or stacks of extras lurking around your bookshelf. Row by row, take off the books, organize, clean the shelf and replace what you have decided to keep. For aesthetic purposes, line books vertically and horizontally in a rhythmic pattern to relieve the monotony of your bookshelf.

RUGS — Good news! Cleaning your rug doesn’t have to be on your list every year. Experts suggest cleaning your rug every 4-5 years, this again depends upon how often it is used. Many stains can be treated with club soda. The key to tougher stains is to act quickly and clean up what you can right away.

PATIO FURNITURE — As the outdoor season begins, wipe down your chairs (minus your cushions) and tables with warm soapy water. You can either hose them off afterward or you can wipe them down with regular water and a new rag. Let them air dry before using. When you’re ready to use your cushions (check manufacturer’s label for other detailed cleaning tips).

DUST FORGOTTEN PLACES: LAMPS, DRAPES, THROW PILLOWS, AND FANS. — Toss drapes, curtains, and thrown pillows in the dryer for 15 minutes on “air-only” cycle, rehang immediately to prevent wrinkles. Cleaning you lampshade can be a speedy process when using a lint roller.

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