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Space-saving and unique

More and more, we’re working with clients in lofts, apartments and newly remodeled homes where dining rooms are small or even nonexistent.

Whether it’s because of lack of space or shifting priorities, evolving dining rooms require rethinking the typical furniture and furnishings.

Our favorite solution is the rustic metal and wood bar or serving cart on wheels. It offers plenty of space for dishes, glasses, utensils, copper cups (Cranberry Moscow Mules, anyone?), slate coasters, crates or baskets for added texture and, of course, a few Plush Pumpkins.

Antique seltzer bottles placed on the cart heighten interest with unique shine and shape and can hold whatever liquid you choose.

A distinctive lamp resting on the cart features a rustic clay spherical base and a linen shade, providing a contrast to the cart’s straight lines and right angles and incorporating an earthy feeling.

The cart allows you to put so many items in such a small space, that it could replace the traditional sideboard or console in the dining room. It can allow you to use a smaller or simpler table by holding serving dishes. Or it can even bring dinner to the living room or den; imagine guests picking up a plate, a coaster and a glass on the way to their seats.

Keep it interesting

Even in a single space, you can incorporate several seating styles. Next to the window are two oversized hearth chairs.

Dining chairs of a different style, yet within the same color family, are used at the marble kitchen island. Feel free to use different types of chairs in the same area; careful contrast always produces more interesting results.

A larger, exceptional floral arrangement in a grey, rectangular planter brings attention toward the kitchen for a more balanced experience.

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