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Simply Perfect Scale {Part 1}

In our work, we see lots of big homes with big spaces. We also see small homes. And we’ll be the first to tell you that size isn’t what matters.

What’s important is scale.

Through design, we can make a small space look big—or make a big space look small. But more important, we can use scale to make your home interiors you’re your functional needs while reflecting your personality, values and style.

The Eyes Have It.

When you step into a room, where do you look?

Directing the eye is one of the magic tricks that designers use to create a particular effect.

Bright red apples in a simple glass bowl immediately draws the eye to a kitchen counter. The hefty wood trivet and rounded concrete planter containing succulents echo the shape of the apples and the bowl, while adding new materials. A wood and metal stand holds an iPad or book for easy recipe reference, all atop an elegant light granite counter.

In a separate arrangement, ceramic artichokes create shape and shine but maintain the neutral color for continuity.

In this context, the eye is drawn immediately to the bright red color. That’s why sparse seasonal decorations can be more effective than heavy ornamentation. We can actually take in more when there are fewer items to focus on.

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