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Simply Perfect Naturally

Light it up

In this master bedroom, light streams in the window. What we’ve done is to maximize the natural light by using light-colored linens throughout the bedroom. Usually associated with summer, light linens are actually ideal for winter. Light colors reflect light, multiplying its effect, and creating a fresh and airy vibe. A deconstructed armchair upholstered in light linen is placed next to the window where it ushers the natural light into the room. The linen throw pillow atop the chair features a unique design to add interest while the linen throw introduces another pattern of neutrals. It’s the perfect spot to curl up with a book or a tablet. You can cozy up with the throw while absorbing that mood-improving vitamin D.



Shine on

The round, matte-finished, solid bronze side table also reflects light while picking up the metal of the nailheads in the armchair. It’s an elegant table that’s versatile enough to use in numerous areas of your home. The mottled ceramic vase with copper glazing around the top is truly a standout piece. Green ferns add an element from nature and suggest that spring is just around the corner. Next to the bed, a trio of burnished brass vases with a beautiful, rounded shape repeat the muted reflection and elegance of the table. An oversized, deconstructed clock adds a lighter metal to the mix while echoing the open, airy feeling of the linen.




Texture tricks

The bed’s white linen headboard is tufted, establishing a soft, comfortable look. Light linen bedding allows the bed—which accounts for much of the bedroom’s space—to become a reflector, as well.

Linen pillows on the bed bring a variety of textures into play, and introduce a few playful fabric and color variations. The nightstand next to the bed is directly beneath another window. It’s a unique and distinctive piece that features linen-faced drawers. Again, the natural light is amplified by these drawers and the light linen lampshade. A shallow dish of succulents finishes the look.




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