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Simply Perfect Natural Wood

We jump at the opportunity to remodel older homes—partly because of the distinctive historic styles and partly because of the abundance of natural wood.

What’s so special about wood? Pretty much everything! We love the color, texture, grains, rings and knots. And we love the fact that unlike metal or concrete, for instance, wood has a history of its own, as a tree.

In this McKennan Park-area remodel, we embraced wood in the family room and entry while ensuring these areas would be filled with natural light.

Chip off the old block

Showing off woods begins the moment you enter this home. The entry is small, as it is in many older homes, so we gave our attention to creating a warm welcome. 

A magnificent block of wood sits just inside the door. It combines individual pieces of wood to create a singular piece that’s both functional and artistic. 

The black-and-white patterned rug in the entry is where we first see neutrals working together with wood for a beautiful effect. The circular mirrors on the wall create interest and usher us into the family room.


Going with the grain 

At one end of the family room is a media console from the client’s own collection. To set off the gorgeous wood, we framed it with tall bookshelves in matching blond wood color. 

On these shelves we’ve placed some books—and many other elegant objects of interest, including vases, small works of art and vintage items. We’ve left plenty of space around these objects to avoid a cluttered feeling. 

It’s important to note that almost everything on these shelves is in a neutral color. Because of this, the area feels calm and serene. It also means that the occasional arrangement of greens or florals stand out—and can be changed with the seasons.    

Another distinctive aspect of this space is the accent wall. The rich, deep grey color complements and showcases the light wood of the console, shelves and floor.

The sectional sofa with a chaise lounge is upholstered in a lighter neutral, echoing the accent wall. Pillows and throws on the sofa introduce fabulous and varied textures to the space while keeping colors neutral. Abstract artwork above the sofa picks up the same colors.




Wood works

In front of the sofa, the round pillbox-shaped coffee table features an antique brass finish and a unique wood top. Behind the sofa, a simple wood bench provides a handy spot for books and accessories. 

Adjacent to the sofa is a reading room or conversation space. It includes a wooden desk and two stunning wood-framed, black leather chairs. The arms of the chairs curl gracefully, adding movement while reflecting the shape of the lamp on the desk. 

On the floor, an elegant charcoal and white rug features an elaborate pattern, with circles perfectly placed for the chairs. A pillow with an unusual and remarkable pattern sits on one of the chairs, echoing the pattern in the rug. 

The wood in this area is balanced by the carpet, leather and accessories. This area is an excellent example of various elements coming together in a harmony of modern, vintage, natural, neutral and beautiful.









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