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Simply Perfect Holidays

Each year, it seems as though one minute you’re walking through leaves and the next, the holidays have arrived!

It also feels like we never have enough time to prepare the way we’d like to.

Once again, I want to stress that you don’t have to be perfect. Spending time with loved ones is always more important than having the best decorations on the block, making the ultimate meal or shopping ‘til you’re dropping.

Get Your Sparkle On

As much we’d all love to redo your interiors every year, we know it’s not feasible. But through the magic of accessories, your home can look fresh and shine bright.

Metallics are versatile, dependable and perfect for the holidays. No matter what other colors you use—neutrals, whites, greys, browns, red and green—metallics create the perfect complement.

A glass-topped coffee table supports three spun gold trees, several gold-colored orbs, and greenery decorated with lighted gold pinecones to provide additional texture.

The stunning gold branch candleholder is usable year round, and ideal for the holidays, dressed up with greenery. The votive cups have a matte finish on the outside and shiny silver inside, to reflect the candlelight. A crystal garland is draped over the branch for further reflection.

The gold reindeer is over two feet tall, and looks great on a sideboard or buffet in a dining room, or on the table. Dress it up with greenery and platinum poinsettias.

Another type of wildlife, brushed silver pheasants made of resin, roost nearby. The large burnished silver goblet next to them overflows with a floral arrangement. Large crystal glass drops, which are tree ornaments, hang from the goblet, picking up the light.

Round mirrors come in a variety of sizes with black or gold finishes. Some are concave and some are convex. You can use a few or use a lot, depending on your needs. Not only do they reflect light and metallics, but they make your space feel larger.


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