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Simple Harmony

Why is simplicity so difficult to achieve?
In home styling, simplicity doesn’t suggest that a room is empty, plain or childish. It means that you’ve achieved a balance and that the elements are in harmony.
To my way of thinking, when a room is in harmony, every single item makes the rest of the room happy. Like harmony in music, it’s all about what happens when the parts come together.
Come on in.

Neutral tones create the perfect segue from the outdoor winter landscape you’re your home.
A settee with weathered wood and a pickled grey finish features traditional decorative elements. The soft edge of the heavily tufted oatmeal colored cushion sets off the elegant wood detail.  A shaggy, casual pillow complements an ultra-glam satin and velvet pillow on the settee.

According to Feng Shui, one should always have a mirror in the entryway. Aside from tenets of ancient religions, placing a mirror in your home’s entrance allows you or your guests an opportunity to check appearances in passing. Mirrors also make rooms look larger.

A round metal-framed mirror is edged by tiny strips of bronze and gold, which are wrapped around the border as a frame. This remarkable piece has a vintage, hand-crafted feeling.
A distinctive entry rug in greys and neutrals brings together the other pieces in harmony. The diamond pattern is woven into the rug, adding another element of interest and harmony.

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