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Simply Perfect Color {Part 3}

Light it Up

Back to those velvet pumpkins we love. Put a light above the pumpkins and experiment with placement and intensity to see a variety of lovely effects.

Because of the way the velvet is pulled, it takes on shiny highlights and richly textured lowlights.

An orb-shaped table lamp with candelabra bulbs showcases what’s on the table. A hanging bronze lighting fixture features a metal drum and open bulb for a unique, more playful look.

A two-tiered metal light fixture with exposed bulbs adds interest and bulk above to focus on what’s below.

Or, change things up with a simple table lamp with a wooden base and linen shade with stone-grey strips. It’s simple, almost innocent, and provides an unexpected setting for décor.

Lanterns, which we love all year long, can intensify the cozy feeling of fall. Flameless candles can be used inside the lanterns, indoors and out, even scheduled with a timer for going on and off when you choose.

Have a Seat

We’re seeing renewed interest in simple, vintage-like chairs. A sturdy, hardwood chair with a metal mesh seat and metal spindle back reminds me of my grandfather’s desk chair. It’s simple and utilitarian, yet elegant and versatile.

A narrow black tufted leather settee fits perfectly in an entryway or office. With pillows and other seasonal objects, it takes on added personality.

Snuggle in 

Fall is prime time for throws, which we love. Our off-white sweater throw is soft and cozy. Visit us to see—and touch—a wide variety of throws that are essential this season outdoors by the fire or on the deck, and indoors as the weather starts to cool.

Stacks of book and a random pair of glasses signal back-to-school time. And finally, the stunning leather backpack that’s captured everyone’s heart can be placed nearby. However, since it will be coveted by every member of the family, it may not stay in place long.


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