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Man Cave Dos and Don’ts


• Use dark, rich tones – and then set them off with something light or shiny. This won’t ruin the mood – quite the opposite, it will make the dark, rich tones darker and richer.

• Functional yet elegant items. You don’t need to act like a Viking in a fourth century ale hall to seem masculine. Lamps and tables can be distinctive yet very masculine.

• Keep it simple. Clean lines can be very manly. And items tend to accumulate over time. It’s best to start with less.


• Signs displaying “Man Cave Rules.” Nope.

• Chain saw sculptures. Leave them outside. Better yet, put them in the garage. Your wife will let you know when to bring them out.

• Posters of naked women. Just because it’s a man cave it doesn’t mean children, or your mother-in-law, won’t step in from time to time.

• Paper or plastic dishes and cups. You can do better.


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