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Making the Transition

In our part of the world, the coming of spring is epic. As the plants and animals awaken, and the light returns, our spirits are uplifted.
In nature, as with interior design, what’s outside of us is reflected inside of us. And vice versa.
Many of us who experience hard winters long to live in warmer climates. Yet we hear from those who do make the move that they miss the changing seasons.
We can bask in the summer sun, revel in the beauty of fall, peer inwards during winter – and go stark raving mad in spring!

Making the Transition

If you have an enclosed deck or three-season room, you have a perfect window on change.
You’ll need weather-resistant furniture. A heavy-duty, grey wicker sofa and chair set provides comfort and utility. Taupe, no-fade fabric seats are durable and attractive.

Use heavy cotton throws, which are washable yet cozy, to bundle up if it gets chilly. Comfortable pillows in grey tones add softness to the look.
A sisal rug shows beautiful, rugged texture and holds up well in all weather.
The table, from Indonesia, is made of all recycled wood. The barrel-like base is hand-carved with a distressed finish, and a recycled wood plank forms the top. It’s entirely weather resistant, as well.


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