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Making the Most of Natural Light

It’s been said that when you dream about a house, the basement represents your subconscious level.

Perhaps that was true in the past, when basements were often neglected.

But in most of today’s new builds and remodels, lower levels are becoming valuable living spaces.

If you’re looking at building or renovating, opening up that lower level with sufficient light can add square footage and value to your home.

In addition, having access to bright indoor areas can help combat cabin fever, which peaks in late winter.


Looking at the photos here, you’d never know what you’re seeing is a lower level. That’s because a smart builder knew that bringing natural light into the space was key.

Our job, in furnishing the space, was to make the most of that light.

The off-white walls and light grey carpet provide a good base.

A grey sectional sofa with clean, modern lines easily fits into the spacious room. It’s an ideal piece to encourage people to spend time together. The strong, forgiving linen resists staining, and like a blank canvas this true neutral allows for accessorizing with various throws and pillows depending on the season.

The cream-colored throw echoes the light colors in the space, while the nubby pillow adds a textured contrast.




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