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Less Can Be So Much More

It doesn’t take magic to bring the front of your home to life. When designing, consider the size of your space, the shape and color of the door and its exposure to sun, light and elements. It’s always about balance.

In this setting, we centered around a sealed teakwood planter with a metal handle. We painted the planter a bold color because the setting demanded it. Adding some moss balls for playful color and texture made a simple design, a welcoming and savvy one.

With a planter as a centerpiece, we have the luxury of going from tall and slimmer sizes to larger and round ones. These serve as the beginning of our designs and come alive with fresh and real touch floral arrangements from seasonals to succulents.

These refreshing accents will make your porch not just a place where packages are discarded, but where personality is preserved and a visitor may just want to stay and chat a bit longer.

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