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It’s all in the details

Meet Lisa and Carolyn, our lovely ladies who are all about the details. Do you know someone who pays close attention to every aspect of her outfit? What about your friend who never goes anywhere without layers of necklaces or bracelets? If you said yes to either of these, you’ve come to the right blog.



When Carolyn puts together an outfit, she thinks about what she will be doing that day in regards to weather and activities. If it’s cold, Carolyn opts for a long-sleeved Lysse turtleneck as a base and from there she builds her outfit. 

Carolyn is drawn to colors that match and basic patterns. For the holidays, Carolyn chose this plaid pencil skirt in what she calls “the perfect length.” The gorgeous red jacket picks up the red in her skirt and sets off her hair and skin tone, creating a polished and elegant look. 

But Carolyn says what really defines her style is the details—in her case, her jewelry. You’ll never find her without a stack of bracelets or layered necklaces, which add the finishing touches to her great look.



Like Carolyn, Lisa pays close attention to detail so her outfits always look well put together. Her personal style is creative and unique. Even though Lisa wears jeans most days, she chooses gorgeous, statement-making tops and adds layers to show even more personality. 

Lisa chose a gorgeous blouse with billowy sleeves for an elegant look. With layers on top, her favorite Bed Stu boots, and carefully chosen necklaces, bracelets and rings, Lisa lets her style to shine with an artsy, feminine feeling.  

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