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I Might Even Be A Guac Star

Last week, Hailey, the resident guinea pig, tried Guac Star, an avocado facial mask from Farmhouse Fresh.


Guac Face Hailey (1 of 3)

“My skin is pretty normal. It’s not too oily, not too dry. The mask is a super-hydrator so if I had oily skin, I would probably choose a different mask from the line,” she says. “Day to day, I don’t spend much time on my face. I don’t wear much make-up and I (very) occasionally exfoliate. This is definitely my normal, everyday face. Maybe you’ve seen it around.”


Guac Face Hailey (2 of 3)

“I dealt with pretty bad acne though my teenage years so I’m fairly cautious about what I slather on my face. I like Farmhouse Fresh products use a lot of natural ingredients–this one is 98% natural–so I don’t have to worry about how my skin could react to harsh chemicals. I’ve tried masks before that have a tingling or burning sensation and this one does not, which is awesome! Also, I never realized how expressive I am with my face until the mask started to dry. It gets pretty stiff but only for the last 10 of the 30 total minutes.”


Guac Face Hailey (3 of 3)


“Okay, maybe the difference isn’t obvious in the picture, but my skin really does feel refreshed! As I washed it off, my face felt softer and smoother than when I started. As the day continued on, it stayed hydrated. I don’t know that’d I’d ever make this a part of my daily routine but if you’re looking for a refreshing night in with your friends (or alone), I’d recommend it for sure. Just make sure to buy REAL guacamole. too.”

Anyone have a suggestion for which mask Hailey should try next?


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