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How to Organize Your Handbag

Truly, this bag deserves an entire post of its own but we’ll keep it short by saying this oversized, buttery soft leather bag can be converted from a tote to a crossbody to a backpack. Its functions are endless and can be anything from a teacher tote to a baby bag, a gym bag to a day-to-day purse, an overnight bag to a backpack for school…shall we go on?

Hailey volunteered her own personal bag for this post to show you how everything can be organized and personalized using cute pouches and pieces from Threads. 

Some things she requires:

  • A pouch for organizing makeup and toiletries. Just big enough for a small bottle of lotion, a few tampons, ibuprofen, and a tube (or four) of chapstick. (Big Velvet Pouch)


  • Another pouch for electronics including headphones, a phone charger, phone accessories, and maybe a flash drive or a memory card. (Small Velvet Pouch)


  • A coin purse that is not an old point-and-shoot camera case (embarrassing). (Papaya Zip Coin Purse) 


  • A “small purse”— the kind every woman keeps in her big bag — that contains essentials, like a wallet, keys, and of course, chapstick (you can never have too many). (Papaya Pouch)


  • Something to differentiate her bag on the outside from everyone else’s. We are telling you this bag is incredible and of course that means of few employees have the bag and when they are all lined up, it is nice to have something unique affixed on the outside so it sticks out. (Bee Keychain)


Now, all the things she needs are organized in her bag in a way that is helpful and, most importantly, stylish!

Shop the Cut n’ Paste bag here.

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