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Hosting an Effortless Summer Gathering

Summer is known for hosting parties and enjoying friends and family. Living in the Midwest often makes us feel pressured to enjoy our summer. This year make a memorable outdoor experience with a few fundamental tips for setting up your outdoor hosting space.

1. Make your guests feel at home.

Give each guest a place to set their stuff when they arrive. You can also put a party favor at each place setting.

2. Your environment is key.

Set your outdoor environment with a strand of lights or tiki torches. Have planters and flowers decorating your space.

3. Have activities to do.

Be ready to entertain your guests with a few nostalgic yard games. Some of our favorites are Croquet, Yard Dice, Giant Jenga, and Bocce Ball.

4. Bring the indoors out.

Have a table set for your guests before they come. Scratch the buffet line and offer a more glamorous dining experience for your guests. There are many different ways to set a table but the following is our favorite. Be sure to keep the comfort of your guests in mind while setting your table.

5. Dine with dinnerware.

We love to use neutral dinnerware and add color through our napkins, tablecloth, or arrangements. Our top choice is the Montes Doggett collection, beautifully hand-crafted with a unique and textured look. 

6. Bring material outdoors to soften and comfort.

Use a tablecloth to bring the luxury of the indoors out, this small tip will make a huge difference. It adds a thoughtful backdrop to your party and tends to pull the pieces together. Add pillows to your seating and find a spot on the ground to lay a blanket down with a few pillows, this will offer a variety of places for your guests to hang out. 

7. Have fun accessorizing your table.

Our favorite flatware is a thick, old world design that gives your table a Tuscan influence. Set a single water glass at each setting and leave space for other drinkware.

8. How to use table arrangements.

Your arrangement should be low so your guests can see across the table from one another. Use summer flowers such as sunflowers, daisies, or roses.

9. Make things easy with a bar cart.

Not far from the table you should set up a bar cart with a variety of glasses for each person’s drink of choice. Be ready with a copper mug, wine glass, or cocktail glass

10. Afternoon affair.

Host your party in the afternoon, not only is this a more convenient time for people, the weather will be nicer, as well. 

11. Prep food ahead of time.

The less time in the kitchen means the more time you can spend with your guests. Make something simple that can be ready whenever your guests are. A few ideas are salads, fruit, sandwiches, muffins, and desserts. 

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