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Holly’s Summer Favorites

Meet our fearless leader in Threads, Holly Hendricks. Her rock n’ roll vibe is a show stopper at work where her spunky one-liners and sass fit perfectly with it. Ask Holly for her opinion if you’re looking for a creative eye to help you while you shop! She is a photographer/owner at Studio Blu, mom to Camilla Blu and dog Beatrice, partner to Walter, and a vegetarian! Check out what she is looking forward to with her top ten summer favorites below.

Holly's Favorites

1. Travel

With Blu out of school, it makes it easier to pick up and go on a fun family adventure.

2. Fireworks

The grand finale is great and all but, there is nothing like a good ole’ tank race on the 4th of July.

3.OTBT Sandals

Since I’m a whopping 5’3″ I’m a sucker for a good wedge sandal. I can wear these ones from OTBT all day.

4. Quay Sunglasses

A good pair of glasses will always hide an eye roll!

5. BedStu Rockaway Bag

Again, because I’m so small, why not carry a bag I’m big enough to fit into?

6. Summer Birthdays

I am a Christmas baby so I have never experienced the joy of a nice warm summer Birthday. Needless to say, I enjoy Blu’s summer time parties.

7. Grilled Nachos

Mexican food can and should be enjoyed all year long, but there’s nothing quite like pulling a hot plate of nachos off the grill in the middle of June.

8. Lenny Stacks

Some people say they feel naked without their lipstick or mascara. I feel naked without all of my Lenny and Eva bracelets.

9. Summer Time Cruzin’

A year ago, Walter drove to MPLS and picked up this little gal. When the grass starts turning green and the sun comes out I know it’s time to wake her from hibernation and go for a drive.

 10. Beatrice

Now when “Bubba” waits by the door I don’t have to put on three layers of clothing and lose her in the snow.

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