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Holiday Decorating Basics

Branch Out 

Yes, the tree is important. But look around your house for a few additional spots, like a coffee table or a mantle, where you could add greenery and an ornament. You don’t have to do this with all surfaces, because that would become cluttered. Use restraint and it’ll step up your look.

Red & Green Are Not Required

Have red and green already been combined in every earthly way possible? This isn’t to say that red and green can’t be fresh—it’s just harder. Why not try other colors? White is a wonderful option; it makes other colors pop. Don’t be afraid to use decorations, or a wreath, or a tree, of an entirely different color!

Permission to Mix Metals is Granted

They key is to mixing metals is balance. Too much gold can be too heavy. Too much silver can be too cold. You want some of each, and then something else, like copper, or platinum, to bring it together.

Practice Moderation in All Things 

We say this every month, don’t we? Then again, it’s always good advice! You don’t need to cover every surface with decorations or put artwork on every wall. The eye needs a chance to rest. You can achieve the look of abundance and fullness (that we’ve shown here) without going overboard.

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