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Hailey’s Summer Favorites

Meet Hailey Schmidt, our display guru. Her eclectic style and creative spirit allow her to envision everything from displays to layering outfits (and much more)! She has been a part of the Simply Perfect/Threads family for over 11 years, the brains behind #januaryfungenda, an avid follower of Taylor Swift, and has been in countless musical productions! Check out what she is looking forward to with her top ten summer favorites below!

Hailey's Favorites

1. Slushies

$1 at Kum & Go all summer long. Need I say more?

2. Thrifting

I’d say 98% of the things in my house are secondhand. When I have an afternoon off, I like to hit up my favorite spots to find some treasures.

3. Small Town Festivals

Okay, my friends and I have been going to these small town festivals every summer for a few years now. We’ve gone to Pioneer Days in White, SD, Cootie Days and Quarry Days in Dell Rapids, SD, and Laura Ingalls Wilder Days in De Smet, SD, but by far our favorite is Czech Days in Tabor, SD. KOLACHES FOR EVERYONE!!

4. My Corkcicle

This is the best water bottle. IT SERIOUSLY WORKS SO WELL.

5. My Quay Sunglasses

How fun are these? I often tell customers that these sunglasses just scream, “~~!!!MaLiBu!!!~~” (I’ve never been to Malibu, but I assume everyone is wearing these).

6. Barcelona Bands

I’m a side-pony aficionado so I’m always looking for anything that can keep my mile-long hair perfectly off centered on the back of my head. And let me tell you, these things REALLY work.

7. “Walking in Memphis”

MY SUMMER JAM. If anyone reading this follows me on Snapchat, they know this is true. Check out the Cher version if you’re looking for a real bop.

8. Nightcrawler Hunting

There is nothing comparable to the rush I get from hunting for worms. One day, I hope to own or work at a bait shop—at least for a little while. Imagine getting paid to play with worms all day!

9. Catching Toads and Frogs

Okay, this is similar to the worm one, I KNOW, but seriously, I love these slimy little creatures so much.

10. Charcoal Soap

This is stuff is great, especially in the summer when it feels like my face is full of sweat and makeup (ew, sorry about that visual).

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