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Expression through fashion: trading neutrals for sunshine and rainbows

Self-expression may be the most important form of self-empowerment. Not only can your wardrobe emphasize the best qualities about yourself, but it can also add a special flair to your personality.

Expressing yourself through fashion is a unique avenue that leads to never-ending roads of style discovery. From a little pop of color to pairing warm and cool color tones, fashion choices allow you to be you in the best possible form (and in the best clothing, too)!

In our first example of channeling the fashion side of expression, we paired a bright yellow Billabong romper with a simple-yet-chic grey and white BB Dakota top. Topped with a red bandana, the outfit creates a color combination that is far from ordinary. The addition of a rustic red Bed|Stu bag, echoing the bandana, ties the outfit together. 

No summer look would be complete without a pair of Quay sunglasses or Lenny & Eva bracelets that complement your established style. To finish off the look, a pair of Bed|Stu sandals picks up the white tones in the striped top, allowing our bright jumper to shine in the spotlight (or sunlight, if you will).

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While it is easy to build a closetful of greys, blacks, whites and other neutral tones (it happens to the best of us), adding pops of color to your wardrobe this summer freshens those neutrals and elevates your style game.  

Another example of taking color risks is shown in our second, more adventurous pairing. A comfortable Natural Life aqua jumpsuit is accompanied by a daring peach kimono for a fearless and fabulous fashion choice. 

As with our previous example, accessorizing your ensemble with statement jewelry gives you another outlet for self-expression. In this case, the addition of Lenny & Eva bracelets perfectly complement your unique color combination. To top off the seaside vibe, we’ve opted for a simpler choice of Bed|Stu footwear to highlight the peach and aqua alliance. 

Regardless of how you plan to implement your individuality into your wardrobe this summer, the most important rule is to maintain and elevate your self-confidence through your fashion choices! With a few colorful additions to your wardrobe, you’ll be on your way toward using fashion as for self-expression–and, of course, you’ll look great, too.

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