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Denim-on-Denim for Beginners

Is there anyone who doesn’t love denim? This beloved fabric is available in clothing of every description and style. But if you’re combining denim pieces, how can you achieve the best effect? Here’s your handy-dandy guide.

1. High Contrast

Stick to pairing a light wash with a dark wash. Avoid using two pieces in varying medium washes to ensure the pieces don’t read as one unit, rather than two separate elements.

2. Distress Level

Too much distressing on both pieces can make the look feel sloppy. If you choose a pair of destroyed denim jeans, try keeping the jacket a little more clean-cut. An oversized, distressed jacket will look better with a pair of skinnies.

3. Accessories

The double-denim is a statement. Over-accessorizing causes that message to get muddy. Keep it simple and add a plain white tee, a couple of basic necklaces and a pair of staple sandals. Now, you’ve got a go-to look.



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