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Creating rhythm through color

Antique bronze and blue are complementary colors. Together, they offer a palette of richness and depth, which brings out the beauty of wood and stone.

In the home office, a unique, whitewash-stained wooden desk rests on metal, Sawhorse-inspired legs for a warm, rustic look. The black leather chair features a contemporary silhouette with an antique brass frame. An adjustable desk lamp has bronze accents.

The bookcase combines a sleek, black metal frame with concrete shelves, for another unusual pairing. It’s kept uncluttered for an orderly, peaceful look. Items on the shelves include a bronze-accented lamp and a pair
of high gloss-finished wooden bookends.

The elegant artwork behind the desk is a simple midnight-blue and bronze with mottled white. Deep blues are again picked up in the rug, which adds a stately vibe with a modern pattern and satisfying texture.

Today’s Takeaway

Before you embark upon an interior design project, it’s smart to visit with a qualified designer. When your home reflects your individual style and personality, you feel supported and balanced—which allows you to go out into the world and be your best self.

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