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Contrast by Design

If we start out with texture in mind, it can play an important part in interior design, and help create a more balanced and satisfying environment.

In a room with a white-grey stone tile fireplace that’s all right angles, begin with a sumptuous, plush pearl grey rug. This immediately softens yet complements the tile.
The stunning graphite velvet sofa introduces a new luxurious surface of softness. Roughly woven pillows and throws on the sofa add a pop of color and create interesting contrasts in textures.

The coffee table features a black metal strap down the middle and around the base, which contrasts with the whitewashed wood and creates drama.

Square and rectangular concrete planters echo the hard surface of the fireplace. Delicate, soft moss inside the planters makes for another moment of textural contrast.

The black and white ikat-patterned chair, with its high back, is comfortable for bodies of all sizes. Decorated with nailheads, it’s at once formal and casual. The stone-colored, super nubby pillow features a bold pattern, so the chair’s pattern becomes less vivid. This is the type of contrast that can alter the appearance of things almost magically.

A dramatic, modern task lamp is made of brushed nickel—yet another interesting texture.

Next to the lamp is a tree in a recycled wood, indoor-outdoor pot. In warmer weather, it’s nice to bring the outdoors inside for a light, summery look.

Put together, the textures and the contrasts invoke balance, comfort and harmony.

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